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Two new Vandas

Two new Vandas was just published by Dr. Martin Motes. Both come from the Philippines and there names are Vanda cootesii and mariae. You can find a descripition of the species here.

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Seedlings for sale

I have some seedlings for sale right now. Note!!!!!! This is seed propagated seedlings. That means that flowers of the crosses Papilionanda Johanna Ljunggren and Ljunggrens Blue Sunshine can vary in color and shape. Each plant is unique, I can not promise that the flowers looks exactly like in the photos!! Seedlings just out of

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My pretty girls are in flower

For ones they decided to flower at the same time!

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Vandachostylis Mishima Lime and Fusarium

Finally, I got some decent photos of my Vandachostylis Mishima Lime (Vanda denisoniana x Vandachostylis Five Friendships). It has struggled since it was infected with Fusarium during the great disaster in my greenhouse 2012.

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Renantanda Sunrise ‘Prasong’

This is a show piece of six plants of the hybrid Renantanda Sunrise mounted on cork.

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An Expected Alleged Natural Vanda Hybrid

Could Vanda alpina, chlorosantha and griffithii be the same species? Read Stig Dahlströms article “An Expected Alleged Natural Vanda Hybrid”  

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Vanda frankieana

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