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Vanda species of the week

This week we focus on Vanda coerulea and it’s different color forms. First there is the normal blue form.

Vanda coerulea

To make sure that it is a true coerulea, check the side-lobes. If they are pointy it is the species, if they are blunt it is a hybrid.


Vanda coerulea side-lobes

The pink form is called Vanda coerulea f. delicata.


Vanda coerulea f. delicata

Then there is a form that is between the blue and the white called Vanda coerulea f. rogersii. Photo by Philippe Christophe

Vanda coerulea f. rogersii

Vanda coerulea f. rogersii

The very rare white form is called Vanda coerulea f. luwangalba.


Vanda coerulea f. luwangalba

Here is an article written by my good friend Philippe Christophe.

Vanda coerulea f. luwangalba article written by Eric Christenson


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