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Seedlings for sale

I have some seedlings for sale right now.

This is seed propagated seedlings.
That means that flowers of the crosses Papilionanda Johanna Ljunggren and Ljunggrens Blue Sunshine can vary in color and shape.
Each plant is unique, I can not promise that the flowers looks exactly like in the photos!!

Seedlings just out of the flask
Papilionanda Johanna Ljunggrens
Prize 75 SEK…/15711884750_1858ac806c_b.jpg…/21782705570_f5aedfba5c_b.jpg

Vanda tricolor var. suavis f. alba (Very rare)
Prize 100 SEK…/26575091551_c9db4544e2_b.jpg

Seedlings 1 year old
Vanda barnesii (Very rare)
Prize 200 SEK…/14144342045_ce3d608274_b.jpg

Plants 4 years old
Papilionanda Ljunggrens Blue Sunshine
Prize 200 SEK…/26547341912_20410a61d6_b.jpg…/25207398674_fb663f486d_b.jpg

Orders to

Papilionanda Ljunggrens Blue Sunshine

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My pretty girls are in flower

For ones they decided to flower at the same time!

Papilionanda Johanna Ljunggren & Vanda Tilda Ljunggren

Papilionanda Johanna Ljunggren                             Vanda Tilda Ljunggren


My Vanda videos

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