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New papers on the genus Vanda

An overview to the genus Vanda and Vanda primary hybrids

Vanda lovers!

Finally, after many hours of work and the help, to find photos and information, from my orchid friends around the world, the first edition of my papers are now available! With interactive feathers.

The papers are now for sale as electronic files (pdf).

An overview of the genus Vanda, 35 pages. Text to all Vanda species and photo of all accepted / placed Vandas. 155 photos of Vanda species!                          

Vanda primary hybrids, 22 pages. There are 182 registered Vanda primary hybrids today, this paper contains photos of 71 of them plus 16 unregistered ones.

Both papers are available in English and Swedish.

Price: 15 Euro (about 15 $) for both papers! 

All of you that has shared your photos with me will get the both papers for free!

I am going to add all buyers to a mailing list and send you updated files for free when ready. Please don’t copy the files and share, I have set the price so low that all can afford it.

Please make your order by submitting your payment to my Pay Pal account with the email address Write your email address and name on the payment!  If you don’t have Pay Pal, start an account in two minutes or ask a friend that has PayPal. (

You can always send me an email to work things out around the payment.

Please make sure that you have 13 MB free space in your mail box.

If you have photos to share please send me an email.

Ones again many thanks to all that have shared their photos me with!





My Vanda videos

Many thanks to all that has helped me with material for this site!